Powder dosing high granulmeter Series FZ
at composed movements - (gravity volumetric system)

FZ / V Series - Vials model, to higher production of 24.000 pieces per hour.

FZ 200 V Multiple dosing station with 6 elements and continuos closing station. Base dimensions 1200x1400.

FZ 400 V Two dosing stations with 6 elements for each one and two continuos closing stations. Base dimensions 1200x1400.

Containers range V models (vials):
diameter from
Æ 16 to Æ 32, high from 40 to 80

FZ / SC series - ampoules model, with higher production of 30.000 pieces per hour.

FZ 300 SC Multiple dosing station with 10 elements and six work station, 4 of which of multiple intermittent and two of continuos. Base dimensions 1200x1400.

FZ 500 SC Two multiple dosing stations with 10 elements for each one and four work stations, two of which of multiple intermittent and two of continuos. Base dimensions 1200x1400

Containers range SC models (ampoules):
diameter from
Æ 5 to Æ 20; high from mm.20 to mm.150

Dosing range for every machine:
minimum dosage cm3.1
maximum cm3.10.

IMPORTANT: Machines to CONTINUOS-INTERMITTENT-CONTINUOS COMPOSED MOVEMENTS (patented system). This system combines the continuos loading and unloading (high production), with multiple working station typical of intermittent movements (minded dimensions and expeses, and possibility to effect slow working on the singular pieces without prejudice the production speed).

NOTE: technical data must not be considered restrictive.