Automatic capping machine for vials, our model CG 200, able to be installed in line with our dosing machines FR series "microPURA", FV, FM and FG.

The machine is predisposed, in the cases of multiple closings, to the installation in monoblock or in line with a second capping machine of the CG series.


Installation in only a block of feeding and capping devices, with vials entrance and exit in line on the ribbon conveyor.

Possibility to use all the international norms for antibiotic and feed foreseen dimensioned vials; as well as vials not unified ones, in plastic or glass, oval but also polygonal shaped, diameters from 16 to 46 mm. height up to 2.5 diameter.

Possibility to use different types of alu caps such as: UT, Flip-Off, Pilfer-Proof etc., or to effect the closing with pressure stopper or screw caps (CP or CA preparation).

Control of alu cap happened positioning with signaling and calculation of errors, and machine stop in the case of three consecutive errors.

Protection hood with safety microswitch on the doors to stop the machine;

PRODUCTION: up to 12000 vials/hour, according to the vials characteristics and dimensions and to the type of closing.

FINISHES: Total absence of painted parts. All the exposed parts are in stainless steel AISI 304, aluminium anodized or in other approved materials. Execution conforming the GMP norms.

DIMENSIONS (mm.): basic width 900 (ribbon standard 1900), depth 1200, height 1900.

STANDARD ELECTRIC SUPPLY: 400 V. 3-ph , 50-60 Hz.


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